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Worldsoft HR is a payroll management software we have built to manage all data and activities of human resources management including human resource management, attendance management, and payroll management. and welfare policy. Building on the most advanced modern technology, the software creates a centralized database to unify all data and personnel management operations. Software allows the processing of data by thousands of employees, allowing employees to interact with the software within the authorization.

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Human resource management is a centralized database which stores all personnel data including personal information as well as family relationships, work experience, qualifications, reward history. and discipline as well as the workflow at the site. The centralized database allows easy production of management reports that anticipate personnel needs as well as making personnel allocation planning more appropriate.

The labor contract management function group allows to create and print accurate labor contracts, and also provide accurate data for salary calculation. Labor contract management includes management of each employee’s allowances and contract annexes.

The software allows you to take fingerprint scanning data directly from the time attendance devices installed in offices without having to manipulate the device and copy the data. This helps BP personnel to process timekeeping information faster than ever. The software allows creating flexible working modes for each group of employees.

With accurate timekeeping management and online approval process, BP personnel can process salary information quickly. All salary and allowances will be standardized, calculated according to the unified formula. The software allows calculation of PIT for both Vietnamese and foreign employees. The software allows to export general reports on personnel costs by department, division, over time … helps provide data for the Board of Directors to analyze salary structure, and predict costs. future salary.

The permission management function group will allow HR department to set annual leave days for each employee and control the exact annual leave process. By defining the procedure for applying for and approving annual leave, all employees will be responsible for managing their annual leave. For other types of spells, each company can set its own rules for each type.

The software allows to make disciplinary reward decisions, track employee bonuses, track the entire reward and discipline process of each employee.

The software allows each company to define and set KPIs to evaluate its employees. Each employee will be responsible for self-assessment and submission to the employer for approval. Each group of employees will be evaluated according to appropriate criteria.

The software allows processing of recruitment and training requirements as well as storing candidates’ information for resource planning. Allowing departments to make training proposal sheets and training courses


    • Eliminate manual input operations at stitches
    • Reduce the time for reporting and collating data
    • Improve data accuracy thanks to inheritance
    • Timely administrative information
    • Integrated processes save time between departments
    • Control the project proceeds


    • Integrated advanced management processes, standards, in-depth and industry-appropriate, consistent with industry trends
    • Acquire advanced knowledge from the world to help businesses promote outstanding and sustainable development
    • Improve competitiveness
    • Improve service quality for: customers and staff
    • Processed and compliant work
    • Inherit results, do not overlap, push pull and cross control.
    • Standardize processes and metrics
    • Acquire and improve individual and organizational capacity
    • Easily expand and apply to Subsidiaries
    • Working culture and administration together


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