• Software built on web-based technology can be deployed well on both LAN and Internet.
  • Access authority: the ability to flexibly and restrict access via IP address or subnet.
  • System log: records access log, error log generated.
  • The system supports secure communication standards
  • Data encrypted using MD5 algorithm
  • The mechanism of periodic data backup and recovery helps minimize data risks.

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ERP Construction

Worldsoft ERP Construction is a system designed by Worldsoft for the field of construction or electromechanical construction.

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ERP Production

Worldsoft ERP Production is a system designed by Worldsoft for manufacturing businesses.

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Worldsoft RMS

Worldsoft RMS is a software system that makes it easy to manage your business with a chain of stores suitable for retail businesses.

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CRM Real Estate

Worldsoft CRM Real Estate is a system that we designed specifically for businesses in the field of real estate investment and trading.

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Worldsoft DMS

Worldsoft DMS is the most efficient and economical online document management and approval software solution.

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Worldsoft Agriculture

Worldsoft Agriculture software is a useful tool to help farmers plan production and business effectively

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