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Worldsoft CRM Real Estate is a system that we designed specifically for businesses in the field of real estate investment and trading. The system offers many utilities as follows:

  • Easily sync with any domestic and international accounting software (including SunSystems Accounting), without having to re-enter data.
  • Self-allocate funds for installments, not manual input.
  • Check immediately the status of products when selling.
  • Track revenue and liabilities quickly and accurately.
  • Plan effective business strategies according to intelligent reporting systems.
  • Flexible integration of contract prototyping tools.
  • Create flexible payment methods according to each project and each customer.
  • Manage contract changes and appendix tightly.
  • Integrate SMS, email in automatic debt recovery and customer care.
  • Decentralization according to each customer, project and each employee of the trading floor.
  • Safe and high security.

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Customer Information Management

  • Customer information
  • Record customer needs
  • Customer statistics
  • Customer care


Manage customer and supplier lists at all stores

Project-product management

  • Project-product information
  • Product transaction history
  • Price history of products

Revenue-debt management

  • Contracted revenue
  • Revenue by customer
  • Plan to collect by week, month and quarter
  • Graph of statistics of revenue and liabilities of the year
  • Assessing the situation of debt collection …

Manage sales processes

  • Minutes of apartment handover
  • Minutes of legal document handover
  • Project statistics: Apartments sold, registered apartments, Deposited apartments, Available apartments

Resident management

  • Hand over the house and pink book
  • Progress of certification
  • Hand over the product


  • Eliminate manual data entry operations at the stitches
  • Reduce time for making reports and collating data
  • Improve data accuracy thanks to inheritance
  • Timely administration information
  • The integrated process saves time between departments
  • Control the project cash flow


  • Integrating advanced management processes, standards, in-depth and industry-appropriate, consistent with industry trends
  • Acquire advanced knowledge from the world to help businesses promote outstanding and sustainable development
  • Improve competitiveness
  • Improve service quality for: customers and staff
  • Work in a structured and compliant manner
  • Inherit results, do not overlap, push pull and cross control.
  • Standardize processes and data
  • Acquire and improve individual and organizational capacity
  • Easy to expand and apply for Subsidiaries
  • Working culture and governance


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