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♦ Worldsoft offers 8-month intensive programming courses at a training center in Ho Chi Minh City, helping equip students with practical information technology techniques. Designed by a PhD in computer technology at Columbia University, our ambitious courses aim to build the core of programming quickly. With a focused and structured study plan for prospective students, the 8-month program can surpass the usual 4-year framework for university level. The courses also aim to support research at the university – many of Worldsoft’s IT students have graduated from universities in Ho Chi Minh City with qualifications in IT fields.

♦ The main curriculum of the course consists of small tests, a mid-term test and a final exam to assess students’ academic ability. Transcripts will be calculated at the end of each term. The three available courses are Java, C #, SQL Server, and Oracle. All courses will be taught by professional IT engineers with years of experience, including leading experts in the computer science industry in Vietnam.

♦ Worldsoft intends to organize a development team capable of designing highly effective software to meet customer needs. With the policy of creating jobs for excellent graduates, we show confidence in training programs and the goal of using promising talents.


ASP.NET Certificate

  • Introduction to C ++ object-oriented programming
  • MVC Asp.Net
  • MVC5 Asp.Net
  • XML for Web application development and e-commerce

JAVA Certificate

  • Introduction to C ++ object-oriented programming
  • Java 1
  • Java 2
  • XML for Web application development and e-commerce

SQL SERVER Certificate

  • Introduction to SQL and SQL Database Server
  • Store Procedure
  • Function
  • Trigger

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