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  • The software produced at Worldsoft is characterized by low cost and high quality. With a professional technology management team consisting of US and overseas Vietnamese technology experts, all customer requirements are met quickly and completely.


ERP Construction

Worldsoft ERP Construction is a system designed by Worldsoft for the field of construction or electromechanical construction.

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ERP Production

Worldsoft ERP Production is a system designed by Worldsoft for manufacturing businesses.

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Worldsoft RMS

Worldsoft RMS is a software system that makes it easy to manage your business with a chain of stores suitable for retail businesses.

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CRM Real Estate

Worldsoft CRM Real Estate is a system that we designed specifically for businesses in the field of real estate investment and trading.

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Worldsoft DMS

Worldsoft DMS is the most efficient and economical online document management and approval software solution.

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Worldsoft Agriculture

Worldsoft Agriculture software is a useful tool to help farmers plan production and business effectively

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We provide software products with solutions of the highest reliability and quality.

Every operation of the product is designed based on specific specifications and closely monitored to ensure that all solutions delivered to customers are of the highest quality and lowest possible price.

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Mr. Vo Van Be – President of Thuan Viet Company LLC.

After 3 years of implementing ERP Construction, the company has brought significant efficiency by saving 30% of the cost of the business, creating a professional staff to handle all the work on the system and process.

Mr. N.P Quoc – President of Saigon Machine Company LLC.

After three years of consulting and implementing ERP Production management system, we can say that we have successfully applied this ERP system to the management of all operations in the company and all branches. domestically and internationally.

Mr. Tran Van Tien – Head of cost control

This DMS system not only helps to save costs but also adds to Coteccons's reputation because it not only guarantees the quality and quality to the Investor but also ensures the payment to the contractors on time.

If you are looking for an effective and economical digitizing solution.

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Founded in 2002, Worldsoft aims to reduce costs for customers who desire high-tech software products. With more than 15 years involved in product research & development in the fields of construction, manufacturing, real estate investors, retail, government, agriculture, etc. In particular, Worldsoft’s products are now available to many domestic and foreign customers.

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Telephone : (+84) 28 54 155 552

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The tax exemption and reduction for businesses will help enterprises in science and technology to develop and compete with major powers.

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Worldsoft awarded Bach Khoa students with enterprise resource management software

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We do not simply provide software, we provide professional consulting services based on our in-depth and diverse understanding of the markets we have developed.

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