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Worldsoft Agriculture software is a useful tool to help farmers to plan production and business effectively, and then compare with business practices to help farmers have the most comprehensive view of the industry. your farm work. In addition, the software also helps farmers to keep track of loan amounts and loan interests according to specific loan contracts. From there, each household can balance its financial resources each year or every season in order to make the best use of the loan so that the production and business can achieve the best results.

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  • Production planning.
  • Investment planning.
  • Business planning
  • Financial planning.
  • Information on the policy of the Party and State of Vietnam for the development of production of agriculture, forestry and fishery.
  • Information about the local climate and climate of farmers.
  • Information on soil agrochemicals (nature and characteristics of land) in the locality of farmer households.
  • Information on technology and technology: Farming, planting, harvesting, preserving and processing … agricultural, forestry and aquatic products.
  • Information on market prices of the latest agricultural, forestry, aquatic products, technical supplies, machinery and equipment … in agriculture, forestry and fishery
  • In particular, the device is a well-informed provider of CPTPP trans-Pacific trade organization, EU – Vietnam EVFTA free trade agreement when Vietnam is officially a member of these organizations.


Worldsoft Agriculture software helps farmers to actively use their existing assets, labor force, or, if necessary, borrow more capital to sustainably develop their household economy, helping farmers eradicate poor, go to get rich …

With Worldsoft Agriculture, farmer households can attend a seminar to exchange information on agricultural science, not only with domestic organizations but also with international organizations who know foreign languages and can exchanging and establishing contracts for the purchase and sale of their goods and products with domestic and international markets.


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