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Worldsoft DMS is an online document management and approval software solution which can be said to be a solution to manage all versions of document storage as well as electronic document approval process. Most efficient and economical. The Board of Directors, management levels and employees use this Software to replace traditional communication methods by print and email. All documents and information are stored and parts share and interact on the system. Moreover, the software will support the process of checking, submitting and approving reports and documents according to the unified process

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  • Allow self-definition of storage folders according to the model and needs of each Company
    Store and share documents in unified folders
  • Distribute document access by department and management level & distribute documents automatically according to the configured distribution matrix
  • Displays documents uploaded and transferred to the user
  • Create flexible browsing processes
  • Process of document transfer through processing, submission & approval steps
  • Manipulating sharing and processing of documents instead of sending emails


  • Designed and developed according to the characteristics of the construction field, different from other E-office software;
  • Deploying successfully the companies: Coteccons, Thuan Viet Construction, Phu My Hung ;.
  • Fast deployment time because the solution is already available
  • Friendly interface, Vietnamese language
  • Very low cost compared to foreign software such as Aconex, New Forma


  • Integrating advanced management processes, standards, in-depth and industry-appropriate, consistent with industry trends
  • Acquire advanced knowledge from the world to help businesses promote outstanding and sustainable development
  • Improve competitiveness
  • Improve service quality for: customers and staff
  • Work in a structured and compliant manner
  • Inherit results, do not overlap, push pull and cross control.
  • Standardize processes and data
  • Acquire and improve individual and organizational capacity
  • Easy to expand and apply for Subsidiaries
  • Working culture and governance


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