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Worldsoft ERP Production is a system designed by Worldsoft for manufacturing businesses. The integrated system includes: business management, supply & service management, equipment and asset management, warehouse management, production management, financial and accounting management. The system aims to replace discrete processes, discrete data, connecting operations of all branches, departments, subsidiaries. In addition, the system helps businesses:
– Planning based on accurate data
– Follow the plan.
– Check, control, prevent errors.
– Make accurate and timely decisions.

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Sale Management

  • Customer Data
  • Standard price list
  • Quotations & Orders
  • Maintenance process of product warranty

Inventory Management

The system allows creating lists of items or supplies that can be uniformly managed throughout the system for order making, supply, warehousing and warehousing.

Procurement & Services

  • Demand planning and supply planning
  • Optimize purchases
  • Supplier data management
  • Contracts & Material Orders
  • Order payment process

Production Management

  • Manage BOM, BOM by order
  • Production and supply planning
  • Track progress of orders
  • Making production orders
  • Production process

Facility Management

  • Device asset management
  • Demand planning and supply planning
  • Optimize purchases
  • Order
  • Transfer device
  • Maintenance & repair of equipment assets

Accounting & Finance

Record all accounting related transactions recorded directly or led by other modules and ensure that these data are always complete, accurate, and timely.


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